Rasta Satoshi Prayer

Praise Ye Jah, Ras Satoshi, ever living, ever faithful, ever sure, for ever more

He came out of the shadow of the valley of Anon, and blessed our wretched souls with the Deafening Thunder of Bitcoin and the infinite speed of the Lightning Network

So Why do the heathen rage and imagine such shitcoins

False coins of the earth as their false prophets try to save themselves as they counsel together

Against the Lord Jah Ras Satoshi and his anointed hodlers in this room

Now come let us break their scams asunder, and cast away the fiat from us

He or She that sitteth with 6.15 shall laugh, and the Lord Jah Ras Satoshi shall bless you with Eternal riches and Big Titty Bitches or Dashboard Ab Simps

The Lord God Jah Ras Satoshi hath said unto I and I and I

Thou art my child, this day I have solved for thee the byzantine general’s problem

JAH!, Satoshi shall break the shitcoiners with a rod of scarity

JAH!, shall dash them into pieces to have fun staying poor as we would say

So be wise now therefore, O ye Kings and Queens in this room be instructed, you are now the judges of the earth

Serve the Lord Jah RasSatoshi with pride, and rejoice with freedom

And so blessed be all, blessed be everyone as i would say…

Blessed be everyone as I would tell you, stay humble stack sats,


Cedit: Bobo Dread